Paul Bosher

Director of Global Service
Paul rejoined the LexMar Global team in 2017 as the Director of Global Service and currently is responsible for all post sales service and support related functions.  He has specialized in creating global service organizations for high tech companies throughout his career building service groups for companies such as Oxford Instruments, Progression, Inc. and most recently Rigaku Analytical Devices.   Paul started his career with Oxford Instruments in the U.K as a Service Engineer progressing to Global Service Manger prior to joining Progression, Inc. with the same title in 2002.  Paul has a strong engineering background with the critical thinking skills needed for the fast paced and technical industries we service.   His experience with multiple analysis techniques is unique to our current team ranging from Wavelength and Energy Dispersive X-Ray, N.I.R, LIBS, Raman through to the current Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique employed by LexMar Global products.  Paul plans to continue to build on the LexMar Global focus on safety, quality and excellence for our employees and customers.  Paul holds a 4 year technical degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Oxford College in the UK.